The ICF considers observed coaching sessions a vital component of quality coach training. ACTP programs are required to provide a minimum of six (6) observed coaching sessions for each student with written feedback provided to coaches for at least four (4) of the 6 sessions and ACSTH programs are required to provide at minimum of five (5) with written feedback provided to coaches for at least three (3) of the five sessions. 

  • Observed coaching session definition: Sessions in which a student is coaching any client, fellow student or another person as a method for practicing their coaching skills.
  • Time requirement: ICF does not have a minimum length requirement for observed coaching sessions. Sessions should be long enough for a coaching conversation.
  • Structure: Observed coaching sessions are observed by an instructor/observer who is responsible for providing written feedback to the student, noting the student's use of the ICF Core Competencies in the coaching session. These sessions may be observed live or through a recorded session. Observed coaching sessions count as part of the total instructional hours of the program.
  • Application requirements: The organization will be asked to submit one example of a recorded observed coaching session, and the corresponding written feedback for the submitted recording.