So you decided to become a coach. Fantastic! You are among a growing number of individuals who are pursuing a career as a professional coach. To set yourself apart from the crowd, your next step should be to choose a coach-specific training program. Obtaining the right coach-specific training will build your confidence, coaching skills and reputation in the coaching industry.

A simple internet search for “coach training programs” yields such a dizzying array of results your head will spin. Just how do you know which program to choose? Below you will find five helpful tips that will ensure you select the coach-specific training program that is right for you.

1. Figure out the logistics.

The program cost, duration, and delivery method are all factors you should consider when choosing a coach-specific training program. Is the program in your budget? What is the program length, and how much of your time outside of class will be required? Will the course be taught in-person in a traditional classroom setting, or online via a virtual platform?

2. Find out if the program is approved by an accrediting body.

To ensure you are enrolling in a quality coach-specific training program, choose a program with independently verified curriculum content, credibility and high coach training standards.

3. Determine whether or not the faculty is certified.

Don’t you want to be taught by certified subject matter experts? If your instructors do not have coaching credentials, how can you expect them to teach you to coach at your highest potential?

4. Research the school’s coaching philosophy.

Does the school’s coaching philosophy align with your own? Has the curriculum been tested, and is it based on future-focused coaching principles? Does the school uphold high ethical standards?

5. Ensure the program offers the ability to practice coaching.

Practicing your coaching skills is essential to your success as a professional coach. The right coach-specific training program will allow you to practice coaching, while being observed by faculty who will provide feedback on how you can strengthen your coaching skills.

To ensure quality training, the International Coach Federation accredits coach-specific training programs that meet its high standards. To find ICF Accredited or Approved Coach Training Programs using our Training Program Search Service, go to

Best wishes as you begin your search for a coach training program!