The Incremental Renewal Process (IRP) in the new process for training providers to renew their approved ACSTH or ACTP programs.  The IRP has taken over the previous program renewal process.  The IRP is a series of six (6) surveys that will be administered bi-annually during the ACSTH or ACTP programs three year approval cycle.  Each survey will require various articles of information, depending on where the program is in the approval process.

The IRP will be administered through email communication between ICF staff and the primary contact person for the approved ACSTH or ACTP programs.  The email will contain the link to the survey that is due.  The survey will need to be submitted within 60 days (2 months) after the email is received or by the indicated due date within the email.

If the survey is not received by the indicated due date, the program's accreditation/approval will be placed on a temporary suspension.  In order for the approved/accredited program to remain in good standing with ICF, the tardy survey as well as the following survey must be completed.  If the two surveys are not submitted within the indicated due date after the secondary survey has been sent (roughly 8 months from the original tardy survey administration), the program will be officially suspended and the ICF accreditation.approval will be terminated.  At this point the organization will need to re-apply through the formal application process.