The search for a coach training program is a highly individual process which depends greatly on your personal preferences and goals. The TPSS is designed to give you basic information about all ICF-Approved programs.

Fees for these programs and the length of time it take to complete the training programs will vary from one organization to the next.

The TPSS will allow you to filter by:

o Program Type

-Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) - These programs offer basic to advanced level coach training and are considered all-inclusive programs. An ACTP includes comprehensive instruction around the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics and the ICF definition of coaching. An ACTP also includes mentor coaching, observed coaching sessions and a comprehensive final exam that evaluates a student’s coaching competency. Once you complete a full ACTP program, you will have enough training and skills to apply for the Associated Certified Coach (ACC) or the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential that we offer.

-Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) - These programs offer basic to advanced coach training and are considered a la carte programs, which may or may not offer start to finish coach training programs, but do provide coach-specific training developed and delivered based on the ICF Core Competencies. Once you complete an ACSTH program, you can use those hours toward ICF global membership and one of the three ICF credentials

-Continuing Coach Education (CCE) - These programs include supplemental and advanced education and are meant for coaches who already have ICF credentials or who have already received basic coach training. These programs are intended to help coaches to renew their credentials.

-Expired – These programs have been approved in the past but are no longer currently approved.

-Pending – These programs have submitted their application but have not been approved yet.

o In-person Training Location

-Search by country and state or province to find live face-to-face training.

o Distance Learning Option

-Choose this option to find live voice-to-voice training you can complete via a virtual platform.

o Training Language

-Choose the language(s) in which the program is delivered.

o Financial Support Options

-Choose one or more of the financial options to find programs that offer support.

o Coaching Specialty

-Choose from one or more of the top coaching specialties to find a program that emphasizes your niche in coaching.

o Training Organization

-Use this field only if you are looking up a known organization to see if any of its programs are approved by the ICF.


For more detailed information about each training organization, please contact the organization rather than the ICF office. The ICF recommends all approved programs equally and cannot recommend one program over another.


To access the TPSS, CLICK HERE.