ACTP programs must administer a final performance evaluation in a formal testing environment. The final performance evaluation must, at a minimum, contain an actual observation of coaching at least one half-hour (30 minutes) in length which is graded as a final performance evaluation.

  • Standards: The performance evaluation must be graded at or above the ICF Credential PCC level, which is described in the minimum skill requirements for PCC. Students must receive written feedback/scoring for their performance evaluation that provides information regarding their performance on each of theICF Core Competencies. Performance evaluation reviewers must hold an ICF Credential at the PCC or MCC level and competently understand the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.
  • Application requirements: The organization will be required to: 
    • Document the performance evaluation process and grading criteria used for the final performance evaluation;
    • Document the start date for a class of students that has completed the program including the performance evaluation process and when they graduated;
    • Submit two (2) recordings of an actual student coaching session that was used for the final performance evaluation and received a passing evaluation; and
    • Submit the written feedback for these recordings.
  • Procedure: Performance Evaluation recordings will be sent to qualified ICF Assessors to be evaluated. This process is to ensure that the recording was assessed at the PCC credential level. If the recording does not pass at the PCC credential level, the organization will have another opportunity to submit a recording to be assessed. If the second recording does not pass at the PCC credential level, the organization will have one more opportunity to submit a passing recording for a fee of $200 USD. If at that time the recording does not pass, the training program will not be awarded the ACTP accreditation but instead, will be awarded the ACSTH approval provided that all other application requirements are approved.