ACTP programs are required to provide 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a three (3) month or longer period of time.

  • Mentor Coaching definition: a student being coached on their coaching skills rather than on practice building, life balance or other topics unrelated to the development of a student’s coaching skill. Mentoring is intended to serve as a development process for the student that takes place in a repetitive cycle of receiving feedback regarding student coaching, reflecting on this feedback and practicing new skills. The focus must be on the development of skills using the ICF Core Competencies.
  • Structure: Minimum of 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. These 10 hours should be integrated into the total program and occur periodically throughout the course of the training. Group mentoring may count for a maximum of seven (7) hours toward the mentoring requirement. The group being mentored may not consist of more than 10 participants. A minimum of three (3) of the 10 mentoring hours must be one-on-one mentoring.  All mentor coaching should be done verbally.
  • Application requirements: The organization will be asked to supply a description of the Mentor Coaching process used within the training program.